Web Development (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Web Development (Magic xpa 3.x)

You can use Magic xpa to develop your browser-based applications without any prior HTML, Java or .NET programming knowledge. Magic xpa lets you design and develop an application for the Internet and Intranets by using the following approaches:

  • Developing applications that will run in a browser using:

  • HTML and Java-based interfaces. See also Browser Client Applications.

  • Frame Set

  • Merge

  • Developing .NET thin client applications – The application is defined as a Rich Client task type, and provides a rich interface based on a .NET thin client engine. This approach is not bound to any browser and handles all the client interface in the Studio. See also Rich Internet Applications.

These approaches can be employed separately or in a combination.

You can use Magic xpa as a tool for creating, editing, and testing your Web applications. Magic xpa shows you how these elements will appear on your Web browser, and lets you debug as you go along.