Web Client Task (Magic xpa 4.x)

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Web Client Task

You can create a Web Client task by defining a task as a Web Client task type in the Task Properties dialog box. You can also change a task type to Web Client or from Web Client task to any other type of task.

Web Client Subtask

When you create a subtask of a Web Client task, it is of the type Web Client by default.

Changing Task Type from Web Client to Online/RC

  • A confirmation message appears before conversion.

  • A Form is created of type GUI Display/RC Display with default name.

  • The set of all controls the Online/RC tasks support are visible and available.

Changing Task Type from Online/RC to Web Client

  • The form is converted to the Web Client form.

  • The controls are converted to the Web Client controls.

  • The form and controls models are converted to a model of a Web Client Class, with the same name.

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