Web Client Task Logic (Magic xpa 4.x)

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Web Client Task Logic

The logic required for a Web Client task is created by using the Magic xpa operations and functions.

Some operations and functions are supported by the client and can be executed locally. Other operations and functions can be executed on the server.

Server-Side Supported Operations

  • Call – Web Client tasks can only be called by Web Client tasks, and they can only call Web Client tasks or Batch tasks. When calling non-Offline tasks:

A Call to a Web Client task with an Overlay window type is considered as legal Mixed, since there is an immediate access to the client to open the task and wait until the user exits it.

A Call to a Web Client task using the Destination property is considered as legal Mixed, since there is immediate access to the client to close the task that currently runs in that subform.

  • Invoke (UDP, Web S, Web S Lite)

Client-Side Supported Operations

  • Verify

Client-Side and Server-Side Supported Operations

  • Evaluate

  • Block (If, Else, End)

  • Block While

  • Update – According to the recompute vector of the variable. If the variable is marked as server, it will be Server-Side; otherwise it will be Neutral.

  • Invoke OS Cmd

  • Raise Event – The Raise event execution side is determined by the handlers' execution side of that event.

  • If a Raise Event operation with Wait = No is part of a sequence of server-side operations, it is recommended to move the Raise Event operation outside of the server-side sequence to avoid multiple accesses to the server.

  • When a server operation sequence contains an unknown Raise Event, an error may occur in runtime.


  • The following operations are not supported for Web Client tasks:

Invoke COM

Form (Output, Input)

  • An operation that requires both Client-Side as well as Server-Side handling is not supported in Web Client tasks.

  • The I/O Device repository is not available for Web Client tasks.