Version Control (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Version Control (Magic xpa 3.x)

Magic xpa enables you to use Version Control capabilities to manage your sources via an external Version Control product. This feature lets you save, track and access versions of your project while working in Magic xpa.

The Version Control feature also lets you work in a multi-programmer environment. Team Development maintains concurrency among developers when working in a multi-developer environment.

In Magic xpa, team development is made possible by the Version Control feature.

Magic xpa provides Version Control support for any third-party Version Control product that uses the SCC (Source Code Control) API V1.01, such as Visual SourceSafe and PVCS.

This Version Control feature provides the following benefits:

  • Save versions – You can save versions of your project and access any of the versions at a later date. This is helpful when you want to work in a multi-developer environment. You can also use the Version Control feature as a single developer to keep track and have access to the project's versions.

  • Protect your files – To edit a file, you first need to check out the file. This protects the source files from being overwritten by another user.

  • Team development – You can develop your project in a multi-developer environment. Each developer works on their own copy of the project's source files and is responsible for synchronizing their own copy with the centrally-located version.

  • Track changes – You can compare various versions that you have saved.

  • Trace users – You can see who has edited a version.

The Magic xpa Single User Edition does not support Version Control.

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