Unicode Support (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Unicode Support (Magic xpa 3.x)

Unicode is a universal character set designed to encompass all written languages. It also supports many classical and historical texts in written languages.

Magic xpa lets you use the Unicode standard for data conversion and transmission. This capability is in addition to Magic xpa’s ANSI and OEM support.

Casting and Unicode

Changing one attribute variable to another is called casting. Casting from Alpha to Unicode requires a definition of the code page that will be used for the conversion. Magic xpa's implicit casting mechanism lets you select the code pages that you want to use for conversion to and from Unicode.

You define the code page by using the External Code Page environment setting. Magic xpa uses a default code page unless you change the code page definition. You can also change the external code page by using the CodePage function. When you set an external code page using the function, the code page is only relevant for the context from which the function was executed.


Unicode characters are not fully supported in PDF outputs. Only characters from the OS codepage will be printed.

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