String Functions (Magic xpa 2.x)

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String Functions (Magic xpa 2.x)


To display an apostrophe (') as part of the text to the end user, enter two single apostrophes ('').

& – Concatenates Alpha strings.

ANSI2OEM – Converts data from ANSI to OEM.

ASCIIChr – Converts a number to a corresponding character in the ASCII character set.

ASCIIVal – ASCII value of a string character.

AStr – Applies a selected format to a string value.

CRC – Calculates redundancy check.

Del – Deletes characters from a string.

DStr – Converts a date or a date expression to a character string.

Fill – Repeats a string.

Flip – Inverts a string.

HVal – Returns the decimal (base 10) value of a hexadecimal (base 16) number.

Ins – Inserts a string in another string.

InStr – Searches for the first occurrence of a string in another string.

Left – Extracts a substring from the left.

Len – Returns the defined length of an Alpha string.

Logical – Converts a visual representation to a logical representation.

Lower – Returns a string in lowercase.

LTrim – Removes leading blanks.

MID – Extracts a substring.

MlsTrans – Returns the translation of a string.

mTVal – Converts a time value in milliseconds from an Alpha string to a numeric value.

MVal – Converts a Magic xpa number (with a specified length in bytes) to a number.

OEM2ANSI – Converts data from OEM to ANSI.

Rep – Replaces a substring within a string.

RepStr – Replaces all occurrences of a defined substring with another substring in a given source string.

Right – Extracts a substring from the right.

RTrim – Removes trailing blanks.

SoundX – Compares homonyms.

StrBuild – Replaces placeholders in a template string with string values.

StrToken – Returns a token from a delimited string.

StrTokenCnt – Returns the number of existing delimited tokens in a given string.

StrTokenIdx – Returns the token index in a delimited Alpha string.

Translate – Translates all logical names and nested logical names to their actual values.

TranslateNR – Translates all logical names, including nested logical names, in a string to their actual values.

Trim – Removes leading and trailing blanks.

TVal – Converts a time value stored as an Alpha character string to a numeric value.

UnicodeChr – Converts a numeric value to its corresponding Unicode character.

UnicodeFromANSI – Converts an ANSI string to Unicode characters as determined by the selected code page.

UnicodeToANSI – Converts a Unicode string to ANSI characters according to a selected code page.

UnicodeVal – Converts a Unicode character to its corresponding numeric value.

Upper – Returns a string in uppercase.

Val – Converts an Alpha character to a number.

Visual – Converts a logical representation to a Visual representation.