StartUp Tab (Magic xpa 4.x)

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StartUp Tab (Magic xpa 4.x)

The application startup properties are:



Null Arithmetic

This property is used to modify Magic xpa's Null support. Some databases, especially SQL, allow parameters and arguments with Null values. This property indicates how expressions involving one or more null-values are to be computed. From the property you can select one of the following options:

  • NULLify – The result will also be a Null value.

  • Use Default – The result will be computed with the Null variable's assigned default values.

The Magic xpa defaults can be overridden at the Model and Column levels.

Window Sort By

Select how windows will be sorted in the Window list:

  • Recently Used – Windows in the Window list will be ordered according to when they were last used.

  • Window Creation – Windows in the Window list will be ordered according to their creation during runtime.

Default Context Menu

Defines the context menu that will be available when the project is run.

The maximum number is 9,999.

The value will be ignored in the following cases:

  • The current form is an SDI form

  • Component default context menus

See also How Do I Set a Default Context Menu for the Entire Application?

Expose comments when used as a component

Defines whether to expose the comments when used as a component.

When opening an application and this property is set to Yes, the comments pane will show the comments of the component's task objects.