Program Repository (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Program Repository (Magic xpa 3.x)

You can access the Program repository by selecting Programs from the Project menu, pressing Shift+F3, or clicking Programs in the Navigator pane.

The Program repository contains an entry for each program within a project.

Whenever you view or edit a subtask or any window inside the subtask, you can select Edit/Cancel to undo your work and return to the Program repository.

The Program repository includes the following columns:




The # column contains an automatically generated sequential number used by Magic xpa as the program identifier.

When you edit the Program repository by adding and deleting rows, or moving a program from one folder to another, Magic xpa automatically renumbers the affected programs and updates their identifier numbers throughout the project.

When you use the Program Identifier number inside an expression, if you want Magic xpa to update it automatically, you must qualify it explicitly, using the PROG literal.


A descriptive name. The program name does not have to be unique and it can consist of Alpha and Numeric characters.

The program name in this column is identical with the Task Name of the root task and it will appear as the label of the root task box in the Task navigator, and the Task Name in the Task Properties dialog box.

Any change to this name in one of the three places is reflected immediately in the other two.


You can group some programs under the same folder. From this entry you can select a folder where you want to place the program entry.

Note: This column is only accessible when you have already created a folder. You can create a folder by highlighting the Program icon on the Navigation pane and clicking F4. For more information, see Folders.

Public Name

Defines the public name of the program by which it will be called by an external call (using a Command Line, Magic xpa or the Internet). The public name must be unique within the repository.


The External option lets you restrict the calling of programs.

When you select this check box, it means that you are allowing this program to be exposed for external calls.

When this option is not selected, it lets you call a program with a public name, without exposing it for external calls.

This check box is only available when a Public Name has been defined.

The following program calls will be possible only when a program is set to External:

  • HTTP Request

  • Call Remote

  • Command line request

  • SOAP request

  • Start up Rich Client Program (using ClickOnce)


This property indicates whether the program can run on the server (not connected to the server). Changing the value here changes the Offline task property.

Last Update

This read-only column displays the date when Magic xpa saved the latest change made to any task in the program hierarchy.


This read-only column displays the time when Magic xpa saved the latest change made to any task in the program hierarchy.

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