Post Refresh by Parent (Magic xpa 4.x)

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Post Refresh by Parent (Magic xpa 4.x)

The Post Refresh by Parent event is raised in a subform task when the subform is refreshed by the parent:

  1. Either because the subform is defined with Auto Refresh=Y and the variables were changed or

  2. The Subform Refresh event was raised.

The event is raised after the view is refreshed and before the Record Prefix.

The event is also raised when the subform task is executed for the first time.

The event will not be raised when used in a task that is not a subform (since no “parent” caused it to refresh).

This event is an alternative to writing logic in the Record Prefix and conditioning it with the IsFirstRecordCycle function.

The advantage in using this event is that it will also be raised when there are no records in the subform (empty data view).

  • This internal event is only supported for Rich Client tasks.

  • When having nested subforms, it is advised to set the Scope of this event handler to Task. Otherwise, this event can be propagated from the nested subform tasks.

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