.NET Utility (Magic xpi 4.9)

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.NET Utility (Magic xpi 4.9)

The Magic xpi .NET utility lets you extend Magic xpi by writing custom .NET code. You can create a step in the flow written in either C# or VB.NET.

To use the .NET utility:

  • A .NET framework installation is needed to deploy Magic xpi projects that use .NET utilities.

  • You must purchase Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET to edit .NET utility code.

When you generate the service, Magic xpi creates a skeleton .NET project in a folder with the same name as the service.

The project contains a class that implements the Magic xpi IBFlowComponent interface. You can write your own code in the Invoke method and Magic xpi will call this method at runtime.

You can use the .NET utility to call an existing Magic xpi .NET class. To do this, you have to save the component folder under the project folder, drag a .NET utility into the Flow Editor and configure the service with the .NET class name and language. The .NET class will be located by the component name. When you click the Configuration button, the Class Config method will be called, invoking your custom .NET configuration forms.

It is the developer's responsibility to compile or build the new class. Magic xpi will only call the assembly and will not perform any compilation.

  • You must be familiar with a .NET framework language to use this service.

  • .NET Framework 4.0 is currently not supported.

  • This service is not supported on all platforms. See here for more information.

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