Menus (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Menus (Magic xpa 3.x)

Magic xpa enables you to define menus in your project. The project menus serve as an interface for the end user to run the project programs during runtime.

Magic xpa provides the following menu options:

  • Default Pulldown menu – Magic xpa provides a default pulldown menu when creating a project. This menu contains all of the basic options that are needed during runtime.

  • Toolbar menu – A set of buttons displayed below the pulldown menu, which serve as shortcuts to pulldown menus.

  • Additional Menu structures – These can be created as required. These menus can be used from the project as context menus.

Note: Menus should be presented in a logical order to enable easy navigation for the end user.

Platform specific:

On Android devices, the menu is shown as buttons at the bottom of the screen (when clicking the device menu button).

On iOS devices, if the form has a context menu, a button is added to the right corner of the form. This button opens an ActiveSheet list.

On all mobile devices:

  • Only the first level menu is used.

  • Disabled entries are not shown.

  • Menus are created when the task is created and they are not changed during the task execution.

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