Mapping Information from Databases (Magic xpi 4.13)

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Mapping Information from Databases (Magic xpi 4.13)

The Data Mapper can map data to and from databases to all of the data types it supports. The mapper reads information from the following types of databases:

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Oracle

  • DB2

  • DB2/400

  • Pervasive SQL

  • ODBC

You must configure your computer using an ODBC driver in the Microsoft Windows ODBC Data Source Administrator. Be sure that the driver that you choose is installed on your computer.

The Settings dialog box's Resources section contains the information required to connect to a database’s data Sources so they can be used in the Data Mapper.

Before you can map data from a database, you must first enter the database in the Settings dialog box's Resources section.

When using one Source and multiple Destinations in the Data Mapper, the actual database operation (such as Insert) is the last operation that is carried out, regardless of the order of the Destinations. This is problematic when you have two tables with a parent-child relationship. Instead, use separate Source-Destination pairs; the first should be the database operation and the second the call flow.

Unavailable Database Server

You can continue using the Mapper even when there is no live connection to the database. In other words, you can continue mapping nodes when the database server is not available. When a connection to the database is re-established, the validity is checked again.

Support of Null Values in Databases

When both the Source and Destination are databases, if the Source database contains a Null value in one of its fields, the Null value will be entered into the Destination. See also XMLExist.

For the Microsoft SQL Server, the column with data type as Date in the Data Mapper will be of type Date which was previously treated as Unicode String. Due to this change, the Data Mapper step connections with Microsoft SQL server Date data type will be lost and will need to be remapped on opening the Data Mapper step.

(Since version: 4.12)

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