Magic xpi Projects Dashboard Tab (Magic xpi 4.13)

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Magic xpi Projects Dashboard Tab (Magic xpi 4.13)

When you click the Projects tab in the Magic xpi Dashboard, the Magic xpi Projects Dashboard opens. This tab displays the projects defined in the ApplicationsList.xml file, which is located in the Runtime\config folder.

The Magic xpi Projects Dashboard consists of two main areas.

Projects Pane

In the collapsed Projects pane, on the left of the dashboard, you can select one of the following options from the Status drop-down list to further refine the information that is displayed:

  • ALL



When you make your selection, you will see information about the project's name and status, and the number of alerts that have been reported for this project. There is also information about the project's status and the time it was started.

You can control your project using the Start, Stop, and Restart buttons. Note that these buttons are not available if you log in as a guest.

Click to open the expanded Projects pane. This pane shows additional information about the project, including the number of messages served by the project, the number of engines and workers being used by the project, the number of license threads allocated to the project, and the number of license threads that the project is currently using.

Detailed Project View

The detailed Project View pane consists of an upper toolbar and a larger information pane.

The larger information pane is controlled by a series of tab buttons that let you select the specific information that you want to view. Apart from the Dashboard button, which takes you back to the Magic xpi Projects Dashboard from the other windows, these navigation buttons are Messages, Flows, Triggers, Servers, Locking, Subscription, Scheduler, Activity Log, ODS, BAM and Summary.

The Magic xpi Projects Dashboard displays detailed information about your Magic xpi project. You can adjust the time span of the displayed information using the Range drop-down list. The License Load displays the current number of consumed license threads.

The detailed project breakdown in this window includes:

  • Project load and pending messages: Displays the number of messages that entered the Space in the last minute (these are considered Arrived), the number of messages that moved to done in the last minute (these are considered Processed), and the number of messages that are in-process by the end of the minute (these are considered Pending).

  • License usage and available workers over time: Displays the project’s license usage and the total number of workers that are available for the project. If the Reserved License Threads entry (under General Settings, in the Project Environment section of the Settings dialog box) is defined, the graph of the license usage will also include the reserved licenses, even if they are not currently in use.

  • Alerts: Displays any alerts that occur in the project, their severity level, and the reported date and time that they occurred.

  • Triggers activity: Displays the number of triggers that are operating in your project. You can filter this information using the drop-down list.