Logic Editor (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Logic Editor (Magic xpa 3.x)

The Logic Editor lets you define all of the task’s logical segments within a single editor, where:

  • The header line represents a handler

  • The detail line represents an operation

From the Edit menu, you can create a header line by clicking Create Header Line (Ctrl+H), or a detail line by clicking Create Line (F4).

All operations defined for a header line are part of that logic unit. The detail lines are indented under the header line, as an indication that the operation is part of the designated logic unit.

From the Edit menu, you can disable and enable operations by selecting Disable/Enable Line (Ctrl+Shift+D). This toggle option is also available from the context menu. The Disable Line option disables the line so it will not be executed when running the program. (Since version: 1.8)

Note that the Logic Editor does not permit duplicate logic units.

A property sheet is displayed for each logic unit and operation.

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