License Management (Magic xpa 3.x)

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License Management (Magic xpa 3.x)

Magic xpa’s built-in license-metering mechanism uses your local area network (LAN) to communicate between Magic xpa instances running on different machines on the network. The metering mechanism helps organizations avoid any unintentional violation of the Magic Software Enterprises’ (MSE) license. The license-metering module ensures that no more than the allowed number of connections uses Magic xpa concurrently.

You can run the Magic xpa products supplied without any license. This will start Magic xpa in a single user mode allowing you to try some of the product's functionality.

You can also run Magic xpa with a Demo license. The Demo license lets you use all of the Magic xpa features. However, there are certain limitations with a maximum number of 20 Magic xpa data sources, 150 programs and 500 records per data source.

To utilize the full functionality of each Magic xpa product you installed, you must have a License Product Authorization Key, called a License PAK, or an Evaluation PAK.

Magic xpa includes a license management scheme. The license management system comprises three main components:

  • A License File, which stores all the license information for a specific site.

  • The Magic xpa Engine, which uses data from the License File to allow or prevent user access to an installed Magic xpa product.

  • A License Server, which provides license information to the Magic xpa engine, and also counts the active users of the installed product.

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