How Do I Change the Language of the Rich Client Logon Screen? (Magic xpa 2.x)

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How Do I Change the Language of the Rich Client Logon Screen? (Magic xpa 2.x)

When Magic xpa is running, you can use the Multi-Lingual Support (MLS) to interactively change the text of the screens. So, for instance, one user could see the screen in English, while another sees it in French or Japanese. However, the first screen to appear when the user logs in to a Rich Client application is an HTML screen, the one in publish.html. At this point it is the web browser that is displaying the screen, and the MLS is not active.

So, to change the language in the logon screen, you simply need to change the text in the publish.html file. The publish.html file is created when you publish your Rich Client application, but it is simple HTML, and you can modify it as needed for your application. See How Do I Send Parameters to a Rich Client Program? for more information on how a Rich Client application is run.

After the Welcome screen displays, you can optionally have the Magic xpa login screen display, if InputPassword is set to Yes in the Magic.ini file. This login screen also displays before the MLS is active, but after the HTML Welcome screen closes, so you don’t have any direct control over the text. Instead, Magic xpa supplies a set of variables that enable you to set the text of the logon screen to whatever you need.

These variables are listed in the Help documentation in the Published Web Page topic. To use them, you simply add them to your publish.html file, as shown above.