Header Row (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Header Row (Magic xpa 3.x)

Magic xpa automatically displays the top row where you can specify your data source and its properties by selecting either:

  • Main Source – Lets you specify the task’s Main Source, which can be a database table or an XML document.

  • Direct SQL Statement – Lets you specify the SQL database that provides the task’s data view.

You can create subsequent Header rows by selecting Create Header row from the context menu or by pressing Ctrl+H, which displays the following operations:

  • Remark – Lets you enter internal comments up to 128 characters. You can delete a Header row without deleting the Detail rows associated by changing the Header option to Remark.

  • Link Operation – Lets you specify a Link operation. The Link operation automatically creates an End Link operation in the following row.

  • Declare – Declare is used when you want to reserve a data source or when you want to have a subtask’s data source remain open, instead of it being opened and closed each time the subtask is used.

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