HTTP Endpoint Configuration (Magic xpi 4.5)

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HTTP Endpoint Configuration (Magic xpi 4.5)

When you configure an HTTP service in the Settings dialog box's Service section, you click the Endpoints button to open the Endpoint dialog box. Here, you can define how to call Magic xpi from an HTTP URL, in order to invoke the trigger.

The Endpoint dialog box consists of three sections. The left section is the Endpoint Name pane, which contains a list of endpoints. You can add or delete endpoints by clicking the New or Delete buttons.

The upper section of the dialog box is the Endpoint Details pane. This contains the following fields:



Endpoint URL

This read-only field gives you the URL for calling the HTTP trigger from an external source. The URL is based on the Web Server and Alias parameters that you defined in the Settings dialog box's Services section.

Generate Sample HTML

Magic xpi can create a sample HTML page to facilitate the calling of a specified HTTP trigger. Check this box if you want to use this function.

Then click to select where you want to save the sample HTML page.

Click here for more information on triggering syntax in this way.

The lower section of the dialog box is the Argument Details pane. This displays the arguments for the operations that you added in the Endpoint Details pane. It consists of the following fields:



Argument Name

The name of the argument sent to the HTTP trigger by an external call to Magic xpi. The name cannot start with special characters.

Data Type

Select one of the following data types from the drop-down list:

  • Alpha

  • Numeric

  • Date

  • Time

  • BLOB (Only one BLOB variable can be defined.)

  • Logical


The size of the variable and its picture.

Default Value

The default value is set automatically by Magic xpi if the received argument does not have a value.


Check this box to indicate whether this argument must have a value (or a default value) when sent to the trigger.