Frame Set Forms (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Frame Set Forms (Magic xpa 3.x)

Frame sets are used to create a sophisticated Internet document where the browser window is divided into multiple frames. Each frame displays a separate HTML page that originates from a different source.

The frame set defines a URL and a name for each frame. Each frame content is initially read from the URL defined in the frame set. The frame name allows the result of a hyperlink or submit action sent from one frame to be displayed in another frame. In this way, applications can have parts of their displays, such as a site navigation menu or a company logo, permanently displayed without having to include and reload these parts with every page of the project.

HTML frames sets are hierarchical in nature. Each frame set can contain another frame set, either defined as part of the same frame set or as the page that the frame’s URL points to.

Frame Sets must be defined as Class > 0 in the Form Editor. You can zoom from the name of a Frame Set form entry in the Form Editor to access the Frame Set Form Editor.

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