Forms (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Forms (Magic xpa 3.x)

For Online and Rich Client tasks, the form is used to display the data view and to allow end-user interaction.

Forms with their class set to 0 are used for interactive graphic displays. For a Class 0 form, the Form Editor displays a secondary window above the main windows of all the ancestor tasks in the program’s hierarchy. This lets you see how the display appears at runtime.

For Batch and Browser tasks, the form can be used for feedback information, such as to show that a task is running. It can also serve as a template for end-user options, such as to set the locate and range fields for the batch process.

For Class > 0 forms, the forms in the Form Editor with the same Class are displayed together. If you change the following form properties for one form, Magic xpa will automatically change the properties of all of the other forms of the same Class to the new property settings: Form Units, Vertical Factor, Horizontal Factor, Grid X, Grid Y, and Font.

Magic xpa supports character-based forms only of Class > 0. Properties that do not apply to character-based forms are disabled.

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