Expression Editor (Magic xpi 4.5)

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Expression Editor (Magic xpi 4.5)

Magic xpi's Expression Editor lets you create conditions by building an expression. The Expression Editor helps you to do this quickly and easily, in an intuitive fashion. Add the variables and functions into the Expression field, and use these objects with your own text strings to create an expression that will create the correct condition for your flow.

An expression is a constant or a formula for computing a value, consisting of a sequence of operators indicating the action to be performed and operands on which the operation is performed. Operands may contain variables, functions, literals, or other sub-expressions.

Each entry in the Expression Editor evaluates to a Numeric value, an Alpha string, BLOB, or a Logical value (TRUE or FALSE), depending on the type of variable and functions used.

You can enter any arithmetic expression that follows conventional algebraic rules or a string or a logical expression.

You can easily incorporate the flow variables, BP variables, context variables, or global variables that are defined in the various variables repositories, as described here.

When you create your conditions in the Expression Editor, they are displayed in the Flow Editor. See Conditions for an example of how this is displayed.

An expression can contain up to 5,000 characters.

If an invalid combination of types is used, Magic xpi displays an error message.

Click here to learn how to build an expression with the Expression Editor.


Data that is typed in an expression is stored as Unicode. Since version: 4.0a

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