Environment Settings (Magic xpa 2.x)

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Environment Settings (Magic xpa 2.x)

The Environment dialog box contains all the global configurable Magic xpa settings. These properties reside in the [MAGIC_ENV] section of the Magic.ini file. You can use Environment settings to customize Magic xpa according to the specific needs of the installation. All changes made in the Environment dialog box are registered in the Magic.ini file. Some of the settings take effect immediately, while others will be effective from the next Magic xpa session.

Note: Magic xpa Environment settings are not related to operating system Environment variables.

If Magic xpa was invoked with Command Line parameters, the values that appear in the Environment dialog box will reflect the Command Line parameters for the respective components. Command Line options take precedence over the Magic.ini values. However, any modifications you make to the Environment dialog box during a development session will also automatically update the Magic.ini file, and will override any corresponding Command Line values.

Editing of Environment settings in the dialog box is separated into the following tabs or categories:


In addition to the properties you can set in the Environment dialog box , you can also define NULL display strings and a default date value, but only in the MAGIC_DEFAULTS section of the Magic.ini file.

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