Edit Autocomplete Properties (Magic xpa 4.x)

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Edit Autocomplete Properties



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Autocomplete Mode

Indicates the Text completion behavior of the Edit. Default = None.

There are four options for Autocompletion:

  • Append - Appends the remainder of the most likely candidate string to the existing characters, highlighting the appended characters.

  • None - No Autocompletion while editing

  • Suggest - Displays the auxiliary drop-down list associated with the edit control. This drop-down is populated with one or more suggested completion strings.

  • Suggest and Append - Applies both; Suggest and Append options.

Items List

A comma-delimited string that defines the available options for autocomplete. The options are concatenated one after the other where each option is delimited by a comma character. If the Display List property is not defined, each string of each item is used both for the display and for the returned value. You may set a display list by using the Display List property to differentiate between the displayed string and the returned string.

To enter a blank entry, use an escape character, the backslash (\), followed by a space: \ . To display a backslash as the last character of the last item, use two backslash characters. For example: A combo box that has the items of A:\ and C:\ should have its Items list set with A:\\,C:\\.

This property supports the As Data mode. This mode instructs the control to use the Range property of the associated field as the Item List value. When the Items List is a set list, such as for Gender, the list can be set during the creation of the column in the data source.

See also: ControlItemsList function

Data Source Number

It is the Data Source Number as it appears in the Data Source Repository. You can display the values of a table selected from the Data Source list. Table values can be combined with Items List values. When a source table is selected, you must add Display List values that represent the table values.

Linked Field

The field name from the selected Data Source. You can select field name of the linked Data Source from the variable list. You can select the field name for the selected linked Data Source from the Variable list. Note that the variables from the Main Source appear on Variable list when a linked Data Source is not defined.


The index by which the Data Source records are ordered. You can select an index that is defined for the Source table in the Data Source Number property.

Field Ranges

A list of range values set for defined variables of the source table to limit the range of options. Click the ellipsis button or zoom to open the Field Ranges screen. Press F4 to define a new range.

If the Source table does not have a range of values defined for a field, none will appear in the Field Range list.

In Rich Client tasks, expressions in this field are server-side only.

This property is applicable only in Online and RC tasks.

Since version: 4.6