.NET Integration (Magic xpa 3.x)

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.NET Integration (Magic xpa 3.x)

With Magic xpa you can embed and integrate any .NET control or assembly.

You can upgrade the look and feel of your application by directly placing new .NET controls as part of your user interface. You can also enhance the functionality of your application by integrating any form of .NET assembly.

To see a video demonstration about working with .NET and Magic xpa, click here.

To get started with .NET, you should be familiar with the following:


Since .NET is case sensitive, all locations in Magic xpa related to .NET are also case sensitive.

Licensed .NET Controls

Commercial .NET controls use different licensing mechanisms. Some require that a file exist in the project folder; others require compilation with a license file.

In most cases, when the control is required to compile the application with a license, it is possible to use the control simply by wrapping it and its license in a new user control.

If the control needs its license to be compiled as part of the top level executable (.exe) file, then you cannot use this control in Magic xpa.

Since version:

In Rich Client, since 1.8

In Online and Batch, since 2.0

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For hands-on practice with the .NET functionality, we recommend reading the Dot Net Tutorial.pdf in the SampleProjects\Dot Net Tutorial folder.

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