Display Troubleshooting (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Display Troubleshooting (Magic xpa 3.x)


Why isn't the application name displayed in the status bar?


Up until eDeveloper 10.1 SP4, the application name was displayed in the status bar by default. This is no longer the case, since both in Runtime and in Studio the windows have a caption with the application name on the title bar.

To preserve the old behavior, use the StatusBarSetText function to set the status bar text according to your needs.


Why doesn't the "Constant file cannot be opened" error message include the name of the constant file?


Make sure that the Magic.ini file is encoded as an ANSI file.

Open the file using Notepad and resave it, selecting ANSI in the Encoding combo box of the Save as dialog box.

The error comes up when the file is Unicode encoded. The double byte representation is not checked, which leads the engine to conclude that an "End Of File" is reached on the first double byte character of the file.


How can I find windows and palettes that were located on another screen that has since been disconnected?


Magic xpa stores the latest windows (such as the Expression Editor) or palettes (such as the Navigator) in two possible locations:

1. In the registry under:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MSE\Magic xpa\x.x

For example, the Magic xpa 2.2 checker palette location is at:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MSE\Magic xpa\2.2\Checker

2. An XML file that stores additional information is located under:

C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\MSE\Magic xpa x.x\FormsUserState_eng.xml

The _eng suffix could change when using other languages (for example, FormsUserState_HUN.xml for the Hungarian version).

If you delete these registry entries and the XML file, all windows and palettes are reset to their default positions.

You should delete the information when Magic xpa is shut down (all entries are rewritten upon exit). When you restart Magic xpa, you will be able to locate the missing windows in the default location.


When I open Magic xpa while Outlook is in focus, the Magic xpa Studio opens behind Outlook. Why?


This is a known issue with Windows 7.

  1. Change HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\ForegroundLockTimeout to 0.

  2. Restart the machine.

  3. If the phenomenon still occurs, try some workarounds described on the Microsoft website.


Why is the form of a called task appearing behind the parent task?


When the CtrlGoto function is defined after a Call operation, the form of the called task is displayed behind the parent task. To display the form in front of the parent task, after the Call operation raise an event with Wait=No and define the CtrlGoTo logic in this event.


Why is the called external software appearing behind the GUI Display window?


This happens if the execution of the Invoke OS operation is done from a called batch program and, therefore, the focus returns back to the caller program after the batch program is ended.

To solve this problem, you can do one of the following:

  1. Raise a new event with Wait=No that will run the batch program or that will invoke the OS command. This will prevent the focus from changing while the batch is running.

  2. Evaluate the following expression: SetWindowFocus('xxx'). Where xxx is the name of the called software window. This will set the focus to the called software window.


Why is the runtime form larger than the size defined in the Studio?


The minimum size is set by Windows.Forms based on the Border Style of the form.

( )

To work around this you can add the following line in the Task Prefix of the program.


65 and 24 are the form’s Width and Height.

You will also need to add the following two .NET libraries to the CRR:

  • System.Drawing

  • System.Windows.Forms


Why is the Print Data wizard appearing and not the Report Generator?


In order for the Report Generator to work, you must add the Report Generator component to the CRR.

In addition, if you are using the End-User Functionality component and the Report Generator, make sure that the Report Generator component is defined above the End-User Functionality component.


How come I can't see the variables in the Debugger's Variable list?


The Variables option is available when the execution breaks. Therefore, to see the variables in the Variable list, either select Debug > Break Now (Alt+Ctrl+F7) during execution or set a breakpoint.


Why can’t I see newly added internal events in the Events selection list?


Internal Magic events are displayed in the Events selection list only if they are written in the Studio’s Keyboard Mapping file.

If you use your own file, you need to update it with the new events.

This can be done by opening the act_std.eng file located in the support folder using a text editor, searching for the event you need in this file and copying its line to your file.