Data View Editor (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Data View Editor (Magic xpa 3.x)

The Data View Editor lets you define the task's data view interface as part of the task definition. The Data View elements include source tables, fields, and range. This window replaces the Record Main from previous eDeveloper versions.

The Data View Editor lets you:

  • Define the task's Main data source or Direct SQL statement.

  • Link to other data sources.

  • Define data source columns, Virtual variables, and parameters.

  • Declare additional data sources.

You can enter the following two row types:

Header Row – This row lets you specify the data source type, define links to the data source, and declare (open) a data source. For each option, specific properties are displayed in the property sheet. The first header line defines whether the task has a Main data source or a Direct SQL statement.

Detail Row – This row, displayed under the Header row, lets you select:

  • Remark

  • Column – Displayed only when a Main Source is selected

  • Virtual

  • Parameter

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