Conditions (Magic xpi 4.13)

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Conditions (Magic xpi 4.13)

You can use conditions, or rules, to define the flow’s execution behavior and create Flow Logic. You can conditionally specify the execution sequence of the flow components by setting the conditions, the condition execution point in the flow, and which flow component is executed when the condition is True or False.

To set conditions for a step in a flow:

  1. In the Flow Editor, right-click the component for the step where you want to set conditions and then select Condition from the shortcut menu. This opens the Expression Editor. You can also click in the step's Condition property to open the Expression Editor.

  2. Use the editor to create an expression that describes the condition necessary to execute the step. Click OK to accept the expression and close the Expression Editor.

The conditions for each component are displayed above the step (as shown below).

  • Expressions can contain text strings, flow variables, functions, and Boolean operators.