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Check Syntax Utility (Magic xpa 4.x)

Before you run a program in any language, you should check it for correct syntax. Since Magic xpa does not force you to compile a program before running it, the syntax check is optional, but if the program has errors, it will run incorrectly.

It only takes a few seconds to syntax check a Magic xpa program. When the syntax check is completed, you will be presented with a list of errors (if there are any). Clicking on an error will cause you to jump to that error so you can fix it.

This utility lets you check models, data sources, tasks, programs, help screens, and menus for incorrect syntax.

Magic xpa's rapid development method lets you fill in repositories without the delays incurred by online syntax and logical checks. It is your responsibility to run the syntax checker to verify the syntax of the program. This is done by pressing F8 or by going to the Options menu and selecting Check Syntax.

You can also syntax check a list of programs or data sources all at once by clicking the header of the # column and then pressing Alt+F8. Checking the list of programs is good to do before putting a new application into production, to ensure no errors have crept in.

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