Check Index - Database Property (Magic xpa 2.x)

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Check Index - Database Property (Magic xpa 2.x)

This property is only relevant for ISAM databases.

Magic xpa's Check Index feature provides a useful method of maintaining data integrity. When Check Index is enabled, Magic xpa will test the data table for the existence of a unique index value as the end user attempts to input a data into a record. If a duplicate value is input by the end user into the variables constructing an index defined as Unique in Magic xpa’s Data repository, Magic xpa will issue a Duplicate Index error message and prevent further end-user processing until the input is changed. This behavior requires no programming on the part of the developer. However, for some DBMSs, this check takes a toll in performance and it is not recommended. In such a case, the developer may decide to disable this check, and then the results of duplicate index value entry will depend on the DBMS behavior.

The values for the Check Index properties are:

  • Selected – Enable the Magic xpa unique index check

  • Not selected – Disable the Magic xpa unique index check

The Check Index setting is required. The default value depends on the Database entry's DBMS type.