Call Remote (Magic xpa 2.x)

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Call Remote (Magic xpa 2.x)

The Call Remote operation lets you call a remote service from a Magic xpa program. The return status of the Call Remote operation can be used to receive the Request ID sent to the Magic Request Broker, or for an error message in case of an error. The calling program can pass parameters to the remote service and can receive values from it. The Call Remote operation can be executed in a synchronous mode (Wait) or asynchronous mode (No wait).

Place the cursor to the right of the word Remote, and zoom to the Remote Program dialog box.

The Remote Program dialog box includes the following properties:




You can select a Service from the Services list. The Service is defined in the Services repository.

Program Name

The public name of the program to be executed. You can specify the program name dynamically by defining a Program Name Expression in the Expression Editor.

When you use the Magic xpi service in the Call Remote operation, a message is created in the space (using the program name set in this property).

Program Name Expression

You can zoom to the Expression Editor to specify an expression that evaluates to the Program Name at runtime.


Remote calls cannot be made from an enterprise server to a partitioning server.

Exceptions: This operation is not supported for Offline tasks. You cannot call Offline programs from this operation.

Runtime Behavior

When a Remote Program command is encountered during runtime, the runtime engine checks for a valid server, and then passes the requested command to the Magic requester. If the operation's Wait property is set to No or evaluates to No, Magic xpa will continue processing after the Remote Program command request is passed to a server. If the Wait property is set to Yes or evaluates to Yes, Magic xpa waits for the completion of the request or until a timeout failure occurs. After the request has been completed, the variables that were sent are recomputed, and the flow of the program continues.

Calling Magic xpi

To call a Magic xpi server using the Call Remote operation, the following jar files need to be made available in the classpath (either in the machine’s environment variable or in the CLASSPATH entry in the Magic.ini file):

  • From <magic xpi>\java\lib:

o mgxpi-commons.jar

o log-commons-logging.jar

o uniRequester.jar

o mgxpi-gs.jar

o log4j-1.2.16.jar

  • From <magic xpi>GigaSpaces\lib\required:

o All the jars

Note: When calling Magic xpi using the Call Remote operation, only the return argument is supported as the return value and not arguments by ref.


The Call Remote properties are:

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