Browser Controls (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Browser Controls (Magic xpa 3.x)

The Browser control enables the display of HTML files and any other files that your Internet Browser can display.

The Browser control is supported for Rich Client programs only.

The Browser control simulates the work of the Internet Explorer and behaves as if the Browser ActiveX control was used. Once this control has been dropped on the form, we have an embedded browser and can use the control to suit our needs. This means that you can use JavaScript and ActiveX on your HTML files.

Note that the Browser control is based on the WinForm's WebBrowser control, and as such, it relies on Microsoft Window's Internet Options.

You can use the Browser control to display many types of files that the internet browser can display, such as:

  • Word documents

  • Excel spreadsheets

  • PDF files

  • Multi-media, such as movies and songs

Only variables and expressions with Alpha, Unicode, or Blob attributes can be used.

The Browser control properties are listed by categories:

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