-148 ERR CNCT CLOSED (Magic xpa 3.x)

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-148 ERR CNCT CLOSED (Magic xpa 3.x)

A connection was unexpectedly closed.

The BrokerActivity.log displays an error in the following format:

377 DD/MM/YYYY 8:19:50,23562 TCP/IP: Connection was closed by peer (-148) (

377 – Thread ID (internal to the broker). This is used as a starting point for debugging to synchronize with other logs, such as those from the Mgrb.ini or Mgreq.ini files.

( – The module with which the connection was reset. If the problematic module is an enterprise server – its address, as registered during the startup, is specified as in the example above. When the problematic module is a requester, as when the computer hosting IIS crashed for some reason, no address is displayed.

The partner that closed the connection unexpectedly may be either a requester or an enterprise server.

Important note:

Error -148 is a recoverable error. The broker keeps assigning requests to an enterprise server that reported the error, and the enterprise server can reestablish its connections to the broker when the request is completed.

The importance of this error is that it indicates a low-level error of the TCP/IP Stack, which is likely to cause other errors, such as -107, between an enterprise server and a request.