-144 ERR CNCT RESET (Magic xpa 3.x)

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-144 ERR CNCT RESET (Magic xpa 3.x)

An established connection was reset. The connection is no longer valid and can no longer be used.

If the connection from a requester or enterprise server to the broker was reset, the BrokerActivity.log displays an error in the following format:

1092 23:29:54,03534 DD/MM/YYYY Error: "TCP/IP error: Connection reset" (-144) (server2/1501)

1092 – Thread ID (internal to the broker). This is used as a starting point for debugging, to synchronize with other logs, such as those from the Mgrb.ini or Mgreq.ini files.

(server2/1501) – The module with which the connection was reset. If the problematic module is an enterprise server, this is the enterprise server address, as registered during the enterprise server startup. When the problematic module is a requester, such as when the computer hosting IIS crashed for some reason, no address is displayed.

If the problematic module is an enterprise server:

  1. View the Task Manager, or its equivalent in other operating systems.

  2. If the enterprise server was removed from the tasks list, the problem should be further researched as an enterprise server problem, using dumps / log files / activity monitor. The broker’s history log, either mgrqcmdl -query=log or the log from the broker monitor application, can help focus on the program that was activated when the enterprise server crashed.

  3. If the enterprise server was not removed from the tasks list, the problem is likely to be a partitioning / TCP/IP failure, where the broker mistakenly received a connection reset from the enterprise server. In this case, a log file in the Mgreq.ini file from both sides (the broker’s and the enterprise server’s) can provide a starting point for debugging.

Refer also to Winsock error 10054 WSAECONNRESET – Connection reset by peer.