-138 ERR RT ERROR MSG (Magic xpa 3.x)

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-138 ERR RT ERROR MSG (Magic xpa 3.x)

During the execution of a program in an enterprise server, the program was not processed properly; for example, a verify error that aborted execution of the program or any other abort condition.

If the executed program failed to complete, these error messages were trapped by the enterprise server and sent back to the requester. If the executed program was executed successfully, despite the error messages, the program’s output is returned, overriding any error messages.

When the requester is an Internet requester, the error messages are sent to the remote browser. The web requesters display these messages as an HTML error page for the clients’ information.

When the requester is a command line requester, the error messages are displayed in the console.

Check the executed programs and its descendants by pressing F8.

Another possibility is that the .ecf file may be corrupted. Try re-creating the .ecf file.