-105 ERR MRB NOT RSPND (Magic xpa 3.x)

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-105 ERR MRB NOT RSPND (Magic xpa 3.x)

The broker should immediately respond to any request from a requester, even if no enterprise server is available to serve the application required by the requester. In this case, the broker must respond with an acknowledgement message (ACK), and the requester must continue to wait, according to the Broker Timeout value. If the broker fails to respond on time, the requester receives a status code (-105) message from the generic messaging layer (Mgrqgnrc.dll).

If the broker is heavily loaded in terms of CPU or memory:

  • Increase the CommTimeout keyword in the Mgreq.ini file for both the requester and the broker.

  • Relocate the broker to another stronger, and preferably dedicated, host.

  • Locate the broker on the same host as the requester, and have the enterprise servers, which usually take most of the load, on other hosts.